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Development trend of separation machine-high parameter,multifunction and full-automation

Separation machine is the equipment of separating the mixture of liquids and soids.It is mainly divided into centrifuge,separator,filter process,oil filter and filter etc.equipment.It is generally aftertreatment machine of technical process and directly relates to the quality of final products.
   Under the new technology development and the development of relative industries,at present foreign's separation machine shows following development trends:
   High parameter:develop energy and resources,need big specification separating equipment to develop enviromental fields and improve stand-alone production capacity and efficiency.
   Full automation:to improve the production efficiency and meet the requirements of special fields,the separation machine has developed towards computer controlling,robot operating.For example,belt filter and disc stack separator with no person operating.

   After China joining WTO,the most important for separating industry is that take actions and seek development in three or four years grace periods.For small and medium enterprises,adjust the structures to form characteristic production and its well,bigger and stronger,pure,do own's position as soon as possible.

   For asset restructuring and realize large-scale production.Aiming at separating machineries and small enterprises,industries,the present situation of vicious competition must be in serous technology,organization,asset reorganization,implementing,establish a joint more power Chnia separation machinery manufacturing enterprise group and strengthen the cooperation with foreign advanced technology.

    Strengthen foster professional industries.Countries should featherbeds on filtering and separation of basic research and appling research insititutes of national level of society,establish academic and technical level,promoting the development of domestic products and techniques.