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Working principle and general situation of centrifuges

   Centrifuge is appling centrifugal force to separate the useful component in mixtures of liquids and solids or liquids and liquids.
   Centrifuge is mainly used to separate solids from liquids in suspension or separate two liquids with different density and non-homogenous liquids,for example,separate cream form milk;and also it can be used to remove liquids existed in solids,such as special speeding tubular centrifuges can separate the mixed gas content with different density, depending different density and particle size of solid particles in the liquid and different characteristics of the subsiding speed centrifuge,the sedimentation centrifuge also can classified solids according to different density and particle size.
   Centrifuge is widely used in chemical, oil, food, pharmaceutical, beneficiation, coal, water treatment and shipping etc.part
   Centrifuge has a drum rotating its axle called bowl,generally drived by motor.Suspension or emulsion is introduced to the bowl and rotate with bowl with the same speed,eject separately under the centrifugal force.Usually,high separation speed,high separation ratio.
   The principle of centrifuge is divided to centrifugal filtering and centrifugal sedimentation.Centrifugal filtering is made suspension become filtrate under the centrifugal force.and the centrifugal sedimentation is applied different density to separate suspension and emulsion and realize liquid-solid or liquid-liquid separation.