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Product Name: Solid-wall separators

Solid-wall separators
The solid wall separator is designed to retain solids within the disc stack centrifuge and it is so called solids retaining separator.

The solid wall bowl separator is often used in processes that require liquid/liquid or liquid/solids separation when the solids content in the feed is no more than about 1% by volume. Because of the simplicity of the design, very high g force can be obtained and this separator is thus very efficient in the recovery of fine particles.

The solid wall separator are widely used for:
■ separate two liquids from each other, with low solids contents
■ separate one liquid form solids, clarifing liquid or recovering solids

As with disk separators with self-cleaning bowl, the disc separator with solids wall bowl is not able to periodically discharge the separated solids at full speed. Because there is no hydraulic system. So, All solids separated out by a solids wall bowl shall be  removed manually.