Beer, wine, fruit and vegetable juice, coffee, tea soy drinks .... the demands made by our customers with respect to quality and variety are increasing with the international growth in the beverage markets. Disc separators and decanters have been widely used in the solids-liquid separation stage in the beverage processing

Wine & Spirit | Juice | Coffee | Tea | Citrus| Beer


Pharmaceuticals / Chemicals

The industrial production of chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological products places high demands on mechanical separation. This is because the efficiency of the separation process is increasingly impacting the quality of the end product as well as the economy and environmental-compatibility.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology | Chemical Industry | Plant Extraction | Mineral Processing



Dairy products is one of the most important food for human, in past years, dairy products industry is one of the food industries with the largest growth rate, meanwhile, the much higher request of flavor and function is bring up for dairy products.

Skimming | Clarifying | Bacteria removal | Standardizing | Concentrating cream



The operation of gas and diesel turbines in power stations poses extremely stringent quality demands on the fuel oil and lube oils used.

Processing and handling of fuels for diesel and gas turbines | Lube oils | Oil-water-solids mixtures | Waste water containing oil


Environmental Technology

The fields of application in environmental technology in municipalities and industry are the treatment of drinking water, the dewatering and thickening of sewage sludge and the recovery of valuable materials from production streams as a contribution to resource-minimized production.

Dewatering of sewage sludge | Thickening of sewage sludge | Treatment of industrial waste water | Drinking water treatment | Stationary and mobile solutions



The use of consumables such as cooling lubricants, cleaning liquids, lubricating and hydraulic oil can either boost, or reduce costs. Separators and decanters are widely used in the in this field.

Treatment of cooling lubricants | Cleaning liquids | Hydraulic oil | Spent emulsions and spent oil | Diesel oil