We want to give talented people the opportunity to start, grow and advance their careers with Huading Separator. Engaging and developing our workforce and investing in education initiatives to develop the next generation is vital to deliver our strategy successfully.

We are continuously looking to attract, recruit, develop and reward people of the highest calibre. At Huading Separator, employees from all backgrounds can fulfil their potential, develop their careers and feel rewarded for what they do.

We want every employee to fulfil their potential while contributing to the success of the Company. We do this through our career frameworks, comprehensive development programmes and the breadth of our operations around the world that enable employees to make the most of their talents. Our focus is on continuous professional development that supports personal and professional growth.

We continually invest in training and development to help employees achieve their full potential and ensure we maintain the capabilities we need to deliver our strategy and remain competitive.

Employees meet with their managers regularly to plan their career development and identify skills and training opportunities that will help them achieve their goals.

All employees can access programmes that blend e-learning, classroom training and partnerships with academic institutions. We also enable employees to transfer appropriate skills across different areas of the company.

In China, our ‘Leading for Total Performance’ programme is designed to equip our current and future leaders to adapt their leadership styles and approaches to effectively respond to the business strategic priorities and drive performance in a highly competitive and ever changing environment.

We provide our employees with a competitive reward package which reflects their individual job responsibilities and contribution to business performance. We recognize and celebrate individual and team successes through a variety of schemes operated across the business. In addition to learning and career progression opportunities, we offer a range of benefits (including share schemes and retirement plans) as part of a total package which rewards employees fairly and competitively for the job they do.

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