Huading Separator supplies separation technology for the recovery of gelatin, blood plasma and blood meal, for edible and inedible rendering processes as well as for the processing of flotation sludge, animal bones or cooking broths. In order to guarantee optimum yields and a high quality of the produced raw fats we provide i.e. complete wet rendering lines for the recovery of edible fats. Those lines are adapted by our process engineers to individual customer requirements and the specific raw materials used. The complete process, from feeding the plant, the removal of any metallic foreign objects and naturally all separation stages right through to the final testing of the purified fat, can be completely automated and is of course CIP-compatible.

━ Abbatoir waste
━ Animal bones
━ Animal blood
━ Bone flesh
━ Cooking broths
━ Edible fats
━ Fat extractor contents
━ Gelatine
━ Inedible fats
━ Lanoline
━ Machine leather cuttings
━ Processing of flotation sludge
━ Wool fat

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