In hardly any other sector does safety have such a high priority as in chemistry. Where concentrated acids and explosive substances are part of day-to-day business, separators and decanters must show that they are made of strong stuff. All machines meet the most stringent quality requirements and are customized to the individual needs of each specific application. Huading Separator Industry as the technology leader since 1954 is able to select the special materials appropriate to each specific product, temperature and medium. And of course the separators and decanters from Huading Separator Industry are available in gas-tight, explosion-protected design and in compliance with the directive ATEX.

In organic and inorganic chemistry, decanters and separators are widely used for:
━ Aldehydes / alcohols
━ Barium sulphate
━ Recovery of alkaline salts (boiler ash)
━ Celluloses and derivates
━ Printing colours / inks
━ Colours / paints / resins
– Aniline colourings
– Clear lacquers
– Coloured lacquers
– Epoxy resins
– Amide resins
– Phenolic resins (bakelite), etc.
━ Gum arabic
━ Catalytic segregation
━ Cosmetic and hygiene products
━ Alkalis
━ Luminescent materials
━ Solvent recovery and clarification
━ Nitration of aromatics
━ Nylon, caprolactam
━ Oil additives
━ Pesticides
━ Peroxides
– Recovery of peroxides
– Recovery of working solutions
━ Phosphoric acid
━ Polyacetates
━ Acids (inorganic and organic)
━ Suspensions with
– hydroxides
– metals
– oxides
– salts
━ Viscose, cellulose acetate

In petrochemistry and plastics chemistry, decanters and separators are widely used for:
━ Xanthan
━ Plastic suspensions (e.g. PVC, polyacetate)
━ Polycarbonates
━ PTA (purified terephthalic acid)

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