Coffee is booming in popularity throughout the world. Meeting this escalating demand for new convenience products, in forms such as ready-to-drink beverages, iced mixes and quick-soluble products, results in almost countless commercial opportunities.

Instant coffee is playing an ever more important role these days. The particular boost to the growth of soluble coffee is due mainly to flavoured specialities like cappuccino, espresso, vanilla, chocolate or Amaretto.

Modern convenience products of this kind are not successful purely because they are simple to prepare and come in a wide range of flavours. Consistent quality is just as important. Where enjoyment is such a focus, a process technology which is gentle on the product is of outstanding importance.

Separators and decanters from Huading Separator support the coffee industry with clarification of weak and thick extract and extract recovery in obtaining the maximum yield from their valuable coffee beans and securing a high standard of quality economically.

Another sphere of application is the production of coffee surrogate and cereal drinks.

━ Clarification of coffee extract
━ Production of instant coffee

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