Drinking water is a valuable resource. Even so, only a small amount of water is actually used for consumption.
Drinking water is gained either from the ground water or from surface water. With growing populations and increasing levels of pollution, the employment of surface water is increasing constantly. Surface water is treated by centrifugal separating technology to remove the undesired constituents.

Heavily polluted surface water is treated by various chemical processes. Decanters are used to dewater the sludge produced in this process. The proportion of mineral pollutants in the raw water and the types of chemicals used for precipitation are highly significant for the dewatering process.

Clarifying decanters are employed to dewater the sludge in drinking water treatment plants. These were developed for high-performance clarification and the highest possible dewatering of the solids. Amongst other features, this is ensured by the high bowl speed and a high scroll torque in conjunction with a differential speed regulation operating proportionally to the solids loading. The closed design of the machines in conjunction with an enclosed installation prevents the escape of aerosols, protecting people and the environment.


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