Pharmaceutical agents such as vitamins, plant and organ extracts, antibiotics, enzymes, hormones and other biological agents are extremely sensitive and precious. Huading Separator Industry offers separators and decanters in gas-tight and explosion-proof design that ensure their gentle extraction and thus forms an important basis for medical advance. Whether liquid-liquid, liquid-liquid-solid or liquid solid, whether single-stage or multi-stage method in co-current, counter-current or crossflow principle, Huading Separator Industry covers all methods and modes of operation.

Separators and decanters for plant extracts:
━ Alkaloids
– Morphine
– Codeine
– Caffeine
– Cocaine
– Ergot
– Quinine
– Rauwolfia
– Digitalis etc.
━ Herbal medicines
– Cannabidiol (CBD)
━ Special pharmaceutical agents
━ Medicinal teas
━ Essential oils
━ Scents
━ Antibiotics
– Penicillin
– Erythromycin
– Tetracyclin
– Bacitracin
– Clavulanic acid
– Cyclosporine etc.
━ Statins
– Lovastatin
– Pravastatin etc.
━ Steroids / hormones
– Corticosteroid
– Growth hormone
– Testosterone etc.
━ Organ extracts
– Insulin
– Pancreatin
– Lab
– Placenta extract etc.
━ Pectines
━ Vitamins
━ Aromatic materials

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