In nowadays, more and more centrifugal separation equipments used for mining, and mineral processing. Whether processing calcium carbonate, kaolin or titanium dioxide, crud treatment, PLS clarification or recovery of organic components: the separating technology machines, systems and process lines from Huading Separator set standards for performance, service life as well as for economic and environmentally sound operation.

Centrifugal separation solutions from Huading Separator concentrate customer benefit:
━ Optimize process results
━ Reduce production costs permanently
━ Maximize production capacities
━ Protect people and environment

Huading Separator provide highly efficient and durable solutions for mining, mineral processing and pigment production. Including:

Inorganic pigments processing:
━ Calcium carbonate
━ Kaolin
━ Titanium dioxide
Hydrometals (such as copper, uranium, cobalt, nickel, zinc):
━ Crud treatment / clay treatment
━ PLS clarification

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