Modern Processes for recovering oils and raw fats are characterized by the broad application of centrifugal clarifying and separating technology. The quality of the end product depends on the production process as well as on the nature of raw materials and products used. Huading Separator offers value-adding solutions with a wide range of separators and decanters right through to complete process lines.

The practical production methods and technologies have to be as varied as the different fats and oils. The centrifuge though is always the heart of the installation. As technology leader Huading Separator has proven to be an innovative and powerful partner when it comes to the processing of animal by-products, fish as well as the recovery of vegetable crude oils like olive, avocado or palm oil or the cleaning of frying oils. Whether 2-phase or 3-phase decanters, self-cleaning separators with maximum automation or discontinuously operating systems, our customer will always find the most cost-effective and best technological solution.

━ Abattoir waste
━ Animal bones
━ Avocado oil
━ Blood meal
━ Blood plasma
━ Bone flesh
━ Clarification of frying fat
━ Cocoa butter
━ Cooking broths
━ Fat extractor contents
━ Fish meal
━ Fish oil
━ Flotation sludge from the fish and meat
━ Gelatine
━ Lanoline
━ Liver oil
━ Machine leather cuttings
━ Man-made fats
━ Nut oils
━ Olive oil
━ Palm oil
━ processing industry
━ Sinclair’s glue
━ Surimi
━ Vegetable fat

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