Decanter centrifuge for crude palm oil process

The PAWT series 3-phase decanter separates the pressed crude oil mixture that comes from the underflow of the main settling tank into an oil phase, a dry solids cake and virtually oil-free wastewater. The oil phase is sent to a purifier, which polishes the palm oil and reliably removes even extremely small contaminants.

The palm oil sludge enters the rotating bowl through a stationary feed tube and is thrown radially outwards into the bowl through feed ports in the conveyor hub. By means of centrifugal force, the solids and liquids are separated from each other in the bowl.
While the solids particles settle to the bowl wall and are discharged by means of a screw conveyor, the cleared liquid phase accumulates above the separated solids phase and is discharged at the opposite end of the bowl. The oil phase and water phase pass to their respective outlets. The light liquid phase (oil) discharged by means of adjustable dip tubes by gravity, and the heavy liquid phase discharged through overflow weirs.

The PAWT series 3-phase decanter centrifuge comes with two motors, which are controlled by two separate VFD. The VFD system optimizes the differential speed without changing belts or pulleys during operation.

The PAWT decanter centrifuge offers the best wear protection. The different zones and elements in a decanter centrifuge need different wear protections. A variety of materials ensure that the operations are able to withstand high temperatures as well as heavy duty and corrosive products.
• To protect the bowl, the inner surface has strips. Bowl outlets are protected with easily replaceable hardfacing bushings.
• To protect the screw conveyor, the flights are protected with sintered tungsten carbide tiles.
• To protect the sludge discharge ports, these ports are protected with erosion resistant bushings.
• To protect the solids casing, the receiving surface has a thick stainless steel plate.

Huading Separator supply centrifugal separation solutions for all procedures and processes for recovering palm oil. The continuously operating technology combines extremely robust design with high product yield and excellent oil quality. Huading Separator decanter centrifuge cover the whole throughput range required in the palm oil industry with capacities from 30t to 100 t FFB/h.

Model L (mm) W  (mm) H  (mm) weight  (Kg) motor (Kw) capacity BackDrive System
PAWT40E 3750 980 1180 2300 22 up to 30mt FFB/h Variable Frequency Drive
PAWT50D 4200 1100 1300 3500 37 up to 45mt FFB/h Variable Frequency Drive
PAWT55 4500 1230 1400 4000 45 up to 60mt FFB/h Variable Frequency Drive
PAWT60C 5300 1425 1800 6500 75 up to 100mt FFB/h Variable Frequency Drive

decanter working principle

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