The wide variety of oils requires equally varied practice-oriented production processes and technologies. To cover this demand, Huading Separator designs and manufactures customized solutions. The heart of the plant is always the centrifuge. Whether it is a self-cleaning separator with the highest degree of automation or a discontinuous system, every customer will find the best economic and technological solution for his production duty – from a separator with a daily capacity of 30 t for small mill operators up to the separator with a capacity over 1000 t per day for large refineries.

Processes for vegetable oil processing:
━ Press oil clarification
━ Degumming
━ Neutralisation
━ Alcoholic neutralisation
━ Washing
━ Dewaxing
━ Dry fractionation
━ Soapstock splitting

Processing of:
━ Soy oil
━ Linseed oil
━ Sunflower seed oil
━ Cotton seed oil
━ Corn seed oil
━ Olive oil

Applications in the oleochemical industry:
━ Connemann process
━ Epoxidised oils
━ Glycerine
━ Mono/diglycerides
━ Soap
━ Fatty acids
━ Fatty alcohols
━ Wet fractionation

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