Pharmaceutical Biotechnology researches and develops the high-tech medicines of the future. For its highly sensitive biomaterials a correspondingly protective process is absolutely essential. In these highly sensitive production processes Huading Separator’s centrifugal separation technology play a key role. Aseptic process management, optimum cleaning capability, closed product handling, gentle product treatment, reliable compliance with GMP requirements, efficient recovery of active ingredients and a reliable scale-up – the requirements of biotechnology are demanding. With separators and decanters designed specifically for biotechnological applications, Huading Separator stands for reliable compliance with these requirements.

Separators and decanters from Huading Separator for pharmaceutical agents recovery:
General human vaccines
━ Hepatitis A and B
━ Influenza
━ Meningitis C
━ Pneumococcal vaccines
━ Mumps, measles, rubella
━ Polio
━ Diphtheria
━ Tetanus
━ Whooping cough
Veterinary vaccines
━ FMD etc.
Insulin from biomass
━ Amylolytic enzymes
━ Proteolytic enzymes
━ Lipases
━ Cellulases, etc.
Starter cultures (bacterial cultures)
━ Lactobacillus
━ Leuconostoc
━ Streptococcus
━ Bifidobacteria, etc.
Human blood proteins
━ Cryoprecipitate (factor VIII)
━ Fibrinogen
━ Globulin
━ Albumin, etc.
Synthetic pharmaceutical products
━ Pharmaceutical proteins
━ Interferon
━ Interleukin
━ Heparin

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