Vegetable proteins are among the most important nutritional resources. At the same time the fascinating properties of proteins are constantly opening up new potential applications to industry. To profit from this diversity these valuable substances must be isolated with a high degree of purity so that they are suitable as tailor-made proteins for further processing. On this basis Huading Separator has developed various techniques and is constantly improving existing processes. The outcome is integrated plant systems and process lines which treat renewable raw materials sparingly, are highly automated and consume much less water and energy than was possible in the past.

Applications of separators and decanters in protein industry:

  • Protein
  • Protein concentrate
  • Protein isolate

Typical renewable raw materials from which proteins are obtained are:


  • Soy (soy flakes / soy flour)
  • Lupins
  • Alfalfa
  • Peas, etc.

Roots and tubers

  • Tapioca (manioc, mandioca, cassava or yucca)
  • Potatoes, etc.


  • Maize
  • Wheat
  • Rice, etc.

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