Protection of the environment and responsible handling of the available resources require innovative technology. For decades, Huading Separator has developed and constructed mobile systems for flexible application. All major process steps with the associated equipment are consolidated as a single unit in a truck trailer or in a container for even more flexibility. The entire piping is installed and the system is automated and ready for immediate use. High-performance systems which provide substantial improvements.

The advantages are obvious. Mobile systems equipped with innovative, high-performance decanters ensure a high degree of economy through their continuous operation, high throughput capacities, optimum dewatering and flexibility. This is supplemented by modern control technology and simple process integration. The optimum conditions for reduced volumes of sludge and low-cost, economical disposal.

The advantages of mobile systems become apparent wherever rapid action or flexible applications are required. Whether from municipal waste water treatment plants for handling peak loads to the various fields of industry for fast action in tight situations. Here the requirements are different from municipal sludge dewatering or thickening. A lower throughput is often required. This applies both to the transport and to the space required by the unit in the plant.

Huading Separator has developed the mobile concept further with the new plant systems in container construction. Simpler logistics world-wide. Any truck can take and transport the standard container module. Production has also been economically optimized by standard components. With these new, compact systems, Huading Separator has met the current demands of the market. Maximum flexibility, fast and reliable separating technology, cost-optimized designs and simple process integration. A simple and fast solution.

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