Centrifugal separation for coolant emulsion and cooling oil

Coolant emulsions are used both in a wide range of cutting and non-cutting processes. They serve to reduce the frictional or forming energy, heat dissipation as well as flushing the filings away from the point being machined.

Coolant emulsions are made up of various constituents (emulsifiers, stabilizers, anti-corrosive additives, EP additives and mineral oil components). These emulsions are more or less susceptible to putrefaction and decomposition. Contaminants such as metal abrasives and extraneous liquids (hydraulic oil, lubricating oil) accelerate the aging process, i.e. degradation of emulsifiers, acid formation, discolouration plus odour nuisance and skin irritations caused by handling.

The primary preventive measure against aging is absolute cleanliness in the installation. To keep the coolant emulsions in a usable condition, solids and tramp oil must therefore be removed as soon as possible.

Both tasks can be fulfilled simultaneously with separators. The solid fines and tramp oil are separated in one single step.

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