Better diesel for powerful engines – Diesel is the most important fuel for engines not only in industry but also in agriculture. But diesel is not always diesel. Especially in the tough conditions encountered in agriculture and industry, diesel is frequently contaminated with condensation water and dirt particles mainly during transportation and storage.

This problem is particularly serious in large farming operations where tractors and machinery are increasingly being used. What is the point of specifying the degree of purity of the diesel in the manual as an obligation under warranty when only low-grade diesel qualities are available locally?

The manufacturers of vehicles and engines are increasingly adopting the practice of incorporating disc separators in their offers to buyers in the agricultural sector. These machines are capable of dealing with this problem, even in extremely remote regions. The farms can therefore immediately feed the diesel oil from the tankers through a disc separator and store the purified diesel. Alternatively, the contaminated diesel could be intermediately stored and circulated through the separator later into a fresh tank.

The smallest disc separator operates at a capacity range around 1000 l/h. This amply covers the requirements of farming operations. And, since the separator is also available in a light, transportable mobile version, it can be flexibly used from farm to farm.

Huading Separator supplies practical, customized solutions not only for the agricultural sector but also for large petrol stations (for diesel locomotives and busses) and for mining.

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