Waste water technology integrated in production processes for resource-minimized production is a broad spectrum of applications for Huading Separator. Recycling, making a material useful in a circulatory production system by separation, is a task for special decanter centrifuges in diverse industrial applications. The use of high-alloy stainless steels for all components in contact with the product ensures a high degree of durability and a long service life. Innovative features such as high g-forces, large clarifying surfaces, optimized feed systems, special drives and a degree of dewatering which can be adjusted externally during operation ensure optimum clarifying performance and highly economic operation.

The fields of application are as diverse as the industries themselves. Whether in the food industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the computer industry, energy management, the paper industry or agriculture – separating technology with decanters and separators provides clear-cut solutions in all fields of application. The fields of application extend from the treatment of atomic power plant wash water through glass powder recovery to the purification of waste water from cellulose production. The smallest particles of slag produced during degassing in the melting of iron ore are returned to the process by decanters. In the automotive industry, decanters recover lacquer residues from the lacquering shop waste water.

The applications in the food industry are also diverse. Whether in the treatment of wash water in the starch industry or in the treatment of waste water from dairies, the edible oil industry or the beverage industry, separators and decanters always provide a clean solution.

━ Asbestos sludge
━ Brewery waste water
━ Chemical waste water
━ De-inking wash water
━ Electrocoagulation
━ Faecal sludge
━ Galvanic sludge
━ Hydroxide sludge
━ Industrial waste water
━ Juice waste water
━ Kaolin waste water
━ Lacquering sludge
━ Manure
━ Nuclear waste water
━ Oil refinery waste water
━ Pulp and Paper Sludge
━ Quartz sludge
━ Refinery residue
━ Starch waste water
━ Tannery waste water
━ Uranium waste water
━ Vegetable waste water
━ Wash water
━ Xylase waste water
━ Yeast waste water
━ Zinc oxide waste water

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