Probably no other raw material is as versatile as milk. Even simple market milk is available with different fat contents. When one considers milk products such as butter, cheese, quark, yoghurt etc., the variety is endless. The fields of application for decanters, and separators are equally wide-ranging. Skimming, standardization and bacterial clarification of milk or the clarification of whey, the production of butter, lactose or casein. Huading Separator has also developed customized solutions for special processes in whey processing.

The following are examples of applications:
Skimming milk and whey
━ Clarifying milk and whey
━ Bacteria removal from milk and whey
━ Concentrating cream
━ Standardizing milk, whey and cream

Production and recovery of:
━ Casein
━ Cheese dust
━ Quark
━ Cream cheese
━ Lactose
━ Whey protein
━ Butter
━ Butter oil
━ Calcium phosphate