A wealth of experience in separator equipments in many industries

Innovation and Expertise in Separation

Centrifugal separators are essential for many industrial operations – they help to separate products from impurities or other products, using the liquid-associated properties of the pollutants. This makes for a more efficient and effective separation process. At Huading Separator, we have a deep understanding of how important these separators are for your business. We provide reliable technologies and innovative solutions that continually improve separation performance, safety and sustainability.

No matter what industry you’re in – from food and beverage processing and pharmaceuticals to the dairy industry and energy – we can provide you with the expertise and product portfolio you need to meet your application needs. We’re committed to finding the best solution for our customers.

Innovation and Expertise in Separation

Huading Separators can help you solve your separation challenges. We offer a range of separator products that are fully optimized for specific tasks, and come equipped with all the necessary auxiliary systems and key components.

With our extensive experience and application knowledge, we can provide training and support for everything from basic separation tasks to tasks involving highly complex liquids and solids. You can rely on us for reliable, high-quality and sustainable operation throughout the lifetime of your equipment.


Huading has provided high-quality centrifuge machines to different industries around the world. From plant extraction to chemical separation - and from low capacity to high - when you think purity, think Huading Separator.

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