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Mechanical separation is an important part of the numerous processes in biological pharmacy. The quality of separation process is devise to the quality of final products, economical efficiency of processes and environmental coexistence. All of these requirements have been met by the consistently improved disc separator BTSX model of Huading with its high separation efficiency.

Huading disc separators are widely used for the separator of microbes and their debris such as treatment of vaccine, amino acid, enzyme, starter culture and other fermented products, because they are deisgned and manufactured with the aim to separate and purify cell protein, to extract materials during the production of antibiotics, alkaloids and hormones, and to separate animal plasma.

The wide range of Huading’s products have realized the application of separators in different biotech and pharmaceuticals products as well as application in all processes requiring separation technology.

Why choose Huading Disc Separators?

Huading BTSX model offers exceptional separation efficiency, crucial for biotech and pharmaceutical quality, process economics, and environmental sustainability. Tailored for purifying cellular proteins and extracting critical components, Huading’s separators are widely used in diverse biotech and pharmaceutical processes, making them a trusted choice in the industry.

High Separation Efficiency:

The BTSX model offers exceptional separation efficiency, which is critical for ensuring the quality of final products in the pharmaceutical industry.

Multi-Purpose Design:

The separators are designed to handle a wide range of applications, including the separation of microbial cells and debris from products like vaccines, amino acids, enzymes, and fermentation agents.They are also suitable for the purification of cellular proteins, extraction of antibiotics, bioalkaloids, hormones, and the separation of animal blood plasma.

Process Economics:

The high efficiency of the separators leads to increased productivity and reduced waste, improving the overall economics of the pharmaceutical production process.

Environmental Sustainability:

By optimizing the separation process, Huading disc separators contribute to reducing environmental impact, such as waste generation and resource consumption.

Typical applications:

  • microbial concentration
  • vitamin extraction and recovery
  • clarification of fermentation broth
  • separation of animal blood
  • Vaccines
  • antibiotics
  • hormone
  • Enzyme and medical protein

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