Huading multi-plate screw press are specially designed for dewatering of sludge from water and wastewater treatment, biogas residue and industrial slurries. They are characterized by moderate speed, minimal supervision plus low power, noise and vibration levels. High uptime, easy maintenance and cleaning during operation are other benefits.

What is Multi-plate screw press


Multi-plate screw press is a type of machine that is used to dewater biosolids. It is a mechanical dewatering process that uses a screw press to remove water from biosolids. The biosolids are dewatered by passing them through a series of plates with holes in them. The water is forced out of the biosolids by the screw press and is collected in a tank. The biosolids are then dried and can be used as fertilizer or fuel.


Huading multi-plate screw press is more advanced than traditional dewatering systems which can be easily blocked by low concentrated sludge. The screw press allows for automatic continuous sludge flocculation, thickening, dewatering and filtrate discharging. The thickening zone allows the system to process both highly concentrated sludge as well as sludge with a high-water content.


The application of the multi-plate screw press has been proven to be effective for a variety of different industrial applications. This type of press offers many advantages over other types of presses, making it the preferred choice for many businesses.

  • Municipal wastewater plant sludges – primary, secondary, mixed or digested sludge
  • Industrial slurries from e.g. food or chemicals production
  • Biogas residue


  • Stainless steel Screw, Shaft, Collection Basin, Flocculation Tank, Main Body
  • Sludge thickening & dewatering zone
  • Sludge flocculation tank
  • Filtrate collection tank
  • Automatic / Automated control panel
  • Fixed plates and moving plates instead of filter cloth

Working principle

Dewatering takes place in an inclined drum with a wedge wire screen forming the cylinder wall, and an internal screw conveyor. Polymer is dosed and mixed in the dedicated polymer mixing container. The flocculated sludge suspension is then led into the screw press’ inlet and to the first drum section for drainage of free water. Gradually, the sludge suspension increases in dry solids content as it enters into the pressure zone of the drum.

By virtue of the counter-pressure created by a restricted outlet, more free water is released from the sludge cake as it progresses towards the outlet. The released water is drained off to the filtrate outlet under the feed inlet. The filtered sludge cakes are pushed forward by the shaft and finally discharged from the end.


  • Exclusive pre-thickening enables a wide solid concentration ranging from 3,000mg/l to 50,000 mg/l
  • High efficiency with a small footprint
  • Low power consumption (less than 5% of a centrifuge)
  • Very low water usage (less than 1% of an equivalent belt filter press) Self cleaning
  • No blocking or backwash water
  • Double nozzles for superior cleaning and rinsing
  • Able to handle oily sludge as well as fibrous sludge
  • Sealed system means no odors/bad smell
  • Wear free
  • Exclusive screw shaft for sludge thickening and inorganic material

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