Energy - Separation and Purification

Huading manufactures some of the best separation, centrifuge and filtering equipment in the energy industry. We have a wide range of products that are used in oil and gas production, refining and processing. Our centrifuges are state-of-the-art and our team of experts can help you select the right equipment.

The operation of gas and diesel turbines in power stations poses extremely stringent quality demands on the fuel oil and lube oils used. Everything has to flow freely and powerfully without any problem: This is because unexpected shut-downs or damage to the drive units can have consequences which go far beyond financial compensation alone.

Sediment and water separation is a crucial process in the energy industry, where it is used to remove solids and water from hydrocarbon mixtures. This separation is typically accomplished using a decanter centrifuge. Separators can be used to separate fluids of different densities, or to remove entrained solids from the production stream. Decanters are used to separate oil, gas, and water from produced fluids. Decanters can also be used to remove entrained solids from the production stream.

If you are in the energy industry, it is important to understand how separators and decanters work. This knowledge will help you to choose the right type of equipment for your needs and find what works best for you.

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We design our processing installations to meet the specific needs of our clients, taking into account the nature of the fuel and oil being used. We take a number of factors into account when designing these installations, such as viscosity, density, degree of contamination, and custom dimensions.

Our decanter centrifuges are designed for both efficiency and durability, and can handle even the most challenging separation applications. We offer a variety of models to suit your specific needs, and our team of experts can help you select the right one for your application.

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