1. Yeast Separation and Purification: In the yeast production process, the Huading disc separatoris used to separate and purify yeast from the fermentation Through high-speed rotation, the separator can efficiently separate yeast cells from the liquid, significantly enhancing the purity and quality of the yeast.
  2. Yeast Concentration: the Huading disc separatoris suitable for yeast concentration. By reducing the moisture content in the yeast solution, it achieves a higher concentration of yeast products, which is convenient for subsequent storage, transportation, and usage.
  3. Continuous Operation and High Efficiency: The Huading disc separatorhas fast processing speeds and high efficiency, catering to the needs of large-scale and continuous yeast production sites. Its automated operation mode also lessens the workload of workers and improve the production efficiency.
  4. Strong Adaptability: The Huading disc separator can operates in diverse working environments, including high and low temperatures, as well as pressurized and vacuum conditions, which makes it able to adapt to various changes that may occur during yeast production.

It is important to note that when applying the disc separator in yeast production sites, specific process requirements, product characteristics, and site environments should be taken into account to ensure optimal performance and results. Regular maintenance and upkeep are also crucial for ensuring the long-term stable operation of the separator.


  • Yeast Separation and Purification
  • Yeast Concentration
  • Biotech and Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Food and Beverage Processing

Why Choose Huading Disc Separators?

Huading disc separators are the ideal choice for yeast production due to their efficiency, reliability, and adaptability. They enable efficient separation and purification of yeast cells from the fermentation broth, resulting in high-quality yeast products.

Efficient Separation and Purification

Through high-speed rotation, Huading disc separators effectively separate yeast cells from the liquid, enhancing yeast purity and quality.

Yeast Concentration

The separators can concentrate yeast by reducing water content, facilitating storage, transportation, and usage.

Continuous Operation and High Efficiency

They boast fast processing speeds and high efficiency, meeting the demands of large-scale, continuous yeast production. Automated operation reduces labor intensity and increases productivity.

Strong Adaptability

Huading disc separators can operate under various conditions, including high and low temperatures, pressurization, and vacuum, ensuring adaptability to changes in yeast production.

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