Disc separators from Huading Separator are designed especially for liquid-based applications. Using centrifugal force, they separate substances and solids from liquids. They are equally as effective at separating liquid mixtures at the same time as removing solids.

The Importance of Disc Separator

Disc separators are essential in many industries, including the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, for fragmenting and enzyme treatment, as well as oils and fats recovery. They can also be used in the production of dairy products, beer, wine, and fruit and vegetable juices. Huading Separator's extensive product line offers machines that stand alone or can be integrated into complete process lines. Our products are of the highest quality and offer value-added benefits that are essential for the success of our customers.


Disc Separator Product

Disc stack centrifuge


The disc stack centrifuge, is also known as a disc bowl centrifuge or disc stack separator, is a type of centrifuge that has a series of conical discs which provides a parallel configuration of centrifugation spaces.

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Self-cleaning Separator


Many processes require solids to be discharged intermittently during operation, or for processes with liquids containing higher solids content (up to approx. 10%) the intermittent...

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Self-cleaning Disk Separator In Steam-sterilizable Design


Disc separator with SIP&CIP is designed for aseptic processes, which is becoming increasingly important for handling sensitive products in the pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries.

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Chamber Bowl Separator


Chamber bowl separators are solid-bowl centrifuges with annular inserts (chambers). They are used for clarification.

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Solid Wall separator


The solid wall bowl separator is often used in processes that require liquid/liquid or liquid/solids separation when the solids content in the feed is no more than about 1% by volume.

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Nozzle Separator


Nozzle separators are continuously operating disk centrifuges. They are built as centrifugal clarifiers and separators and are more solids-orientated than self-cleaning separators.

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How a disc stack centrifuge works

The disc separator is a high-speed rotating assembly that separates materials using a series of discs. It consists of a bowl, a drive mechanism, and a cast base frame.

A disc separator separates solids and one or two liquid phases from each other in one single continuous process, using extremely high centrifugal forces. When the denser solids are subjected to such forces, they are forced outwards against the rotating bowl wall, while the less dense liquid phases form concentric inner layers. The area where these two different liquid phases meet is called the interface position. This can be easily varied in order to ensure that the separation takes place with maximum efficiency.

The concentrated solids phase formed by the particles can be removed continuously, intermittently or manually, depending on disc separator type and the amount of solids involved in the specific application. The clarified liquid phase (or phases) overflow close to the rotating axis, in the outlet area on top of the bowl. The liquids then flow into separate chambers. Each separated liquid phase then leaves the bowl due to the force of gravity or by means of a built-in pump, which is a special pumping device. The chambers can be sealed off from each other to prevent any risk of cross-contamination.

Features of disc separator from Huading Separator

– Material Quality

All parts which are directly in contact with the product are manufactured in Stainless Steel.

The bowl parts are forged to highest standards and this results in a seamless bowl design and a structure that eliminates micro cracks.

– Desludging

The captured solid particles are discharged at intervals at full operating bowl speed.

In self-cleaning bowl design, full or partial discharges are performed by a hydraulic function that opens and closes the bowl.

– Drive Mechanism

The rotating assembly is driven by an inverter controlled electric motor and a belt or gear driven spindle assembly coupled to the motor. The rotation speed is adjusted through the control panel. Anti-vibration mounts are fitted to the base frame which is bolted to floor to reduce vibration and noise.

– Lubrication

The bearings and gears are independently lubricated from a single oil sump.

– Frame

The lower and upper frames are manufactured by high quality casting. Depending on the application the frame can also be manufactured with stainless steel cladding.

– Clean in Place (CIP)

The disc separators can be equipped with CIP system as an option.

– Steam-sterilizable design (SIP)

The disc separator in steam-sterilizable design, 137 °C

Separator designs


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