Centrifuge: Types, Purposes and Advantages

A centrifuge is an essential piece of laboratory equipment that separates substances according to their density, size, and shape by rotating at high speeds based on the principle of applying centrifugal force to mixtures.

Application of Huading separator in probiotic industry

As people's living standards improve, they are paying more and more attention to health. As a new field of biological research, probiotics are of great significance to human nutrition and health. After the probiotic enters the digestive tract of the animal, by improving the balance of the digestive flora and the enzyme, the human body's…

2018 Shanghai International Bio Fermentation Exhibition – Cordially invite you

2018 Shanghai International Bio Fermentation Exhibition - invites you to come! Exhibition theme: 2018 6th Shanghai International Bio-fermentation Products and Technology Equipment Exhibition (abbreviation: Bio-fermentation Exhibition) Exhibition introduction: BIO CHINA (Shanghai Fermentation Exhibition) has become the annual event of the global fermentation industry. The people of insight in the industry have gathered together, and the…

Centrifuge Research Survey at home and abroad

In industrial production, centrifuges (Recommended Equipment: Refrigerated Centrifuge) is essentially a post-processing equipment, mainly for dehydration, concentration, separation, clarification, purification and solid particles grading process, it is as the development of various industrial sectors corresponding to develop. For example, after the 18th century industrial revolution, with the rapid development of textile industry, cotton occurred in…