Typical bowl drawing of a nozzle separator

A. Feed
B. Discharge of clarified liquid
C. Centripetal pump
D. Discs
E. Concentrate space
H. Concentrate collector
N. Nozzles

Nozzle separators are continuously operating disk centrifuges. They are built as centrifugal clarifiers and separators and are more solids-orientated than self-cleaning separators. When they are configured to function as clarifiers, they are called concentrators. The Nozzle bowl separator is most often used for classification of solids according to size, dewatering and washing of solids, and for clarification of liquids containing relatively high concentrations of solids. It can also be used for 3 phase applications where two liquid phases and a solids phase need to be separated in one step. They are used to thicken solids from suspensions.

Nozzle separators are absolute specialists in the processing of fermentation products in biotechnology, the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The separated solids are discharged continuously through nozzles fitted at the bowl periphery. The nozzle separators are equipped with a hydraulically operated ejection system which enables both partial and total ejections to be triggered during product separation.

The advantage, when processing difficult products, the separating time to the next CIP cycle can be extended. The time-controlled or process-dependent ejections additionally optimize cleaning of nozzles, bowl and disks.

Many liquid processes contain relatively high levels of solid content and when high throughputs are required with solids content of more than 10% the continuous discharge effect created by nozzles in the periphery of the bowl is put to use.

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