Juice Production

Whereas separators were initially used for separating tissue particles of the fruit out of the press juice or fining agents during the clarification process, decanters are now also used as a substitute for presses. The development of this centrifugal technology has run in parallel with the development of fruit- and vegetable-processing operations.

Increasingly demanding requirements about the quality of the final product have necessitated a correspondingly higher level of quality of the technology used. Increases in the size of operations have meant that the capacities of machines and equipment have had to be adjusted. The requirements of environmental protection have become more and more demanding, and this development has led to low-emission and energy-saving technologies.

However, the main aspect of the success of operations has always been the question of the economy. Separators and decanters from Huading Separator are appreciated as systems capable of increasing yields during juice extraction and avoiding processing losses.

━ Apple juice
━ Asparagus juice
━ Beetroot juice
━ Carrot juice
━ Clear apple juice concentrate
━ FRUPEX (Continuous juicing)
━ Grape juice
━ Juices from berry fruits
━ Juices from stone fruits
━ Apple juice with mash enzymatic
━ Natural cloudy apple juice
━ Processing of waste products
━ Retentate concentration
━ Processing of tropical fruits

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