The quality of wine depends, among others, on the type of grapes, the winegrowing area, climatic conditions, yield and maturity of the grapes. Clarification plays a major role during the entire wine production process. Timely and effective clarification often determines flavor and wholesomeness and thus, in the final analysis, the eventual quality and market value of the wine.

Therefore, every winery needs an efficient clarification system which is capable of quickly clarifying large amounts of wine even in peak periods.

Today, clarifiers are indispensable in wineries for imparting to and maintaining in the wines those qualities which distinguish a good wine: clarity, elegance, sparkle, bouquet, nobility, flavor.

━ Champagne Production
━ Clarification of Sparkling Wine
━ Clarification of Still Wine for Sparkling Wine Production
━ Clarification of Wine, First Racking
━ Clarification of Wine before Polishing, Second Racking (Fining Stage)
━ Grape juice clarification with decanters
━ Must clarification
━ Must Clarification and Flotation in Clarifier Outlet
━ Must Clarification from the Screw Press/Tank Press
━ Pre-clarification of lees from fermentation tanks
━ Sterile filtration
━ Tartar Crystals with Varying Usage Periods
━ Tartar Stabilization and Crystal Separation
━ Thickening of fining trub
━ Thickening of lees
━ Wine Polishing

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