Clean oil for smooth operation – Water and dirt particles act as a catalyst for the lube or hydraulic oil used. If condensation or leakage water enters the oil through the narrow gaps of the hydraulic system, corrosion can easily result.

Apart from water, particles produced as a result of wear to the metal components as well as dust from the environment can enter the liquid. In time, the quality of the oils will be impaired by the impurities and liquid foreign matter like water which will ultimately lead to blockage and malfunctions in the system.

The result is machine failure and the associated costs for maintenance and loss of production.

The contaminated oil must be replaced with fresh oil. This creates additional costs for waste oil disposal as well as for the purchase of new oil.

To ensure problem-free functioning of the lubricating and hydraulic systems, a lube oil and hydraulic oil free from water and foreign matter must be used. With the aid of centrifugal technology, these fluids can be rid of solids and water. The separators do this very efficiently. They remove metal particles up to 1 µm.

Steel works or paper mills, for example, improve their efficiency using this kind of oil treatment.

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